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Professor Dimitrios Kouretas

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Viopolis, Mezourlo, 41500, Larissa


+30 2410565277








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Married to Charitini Nepka MD, PhD, Physician in the University Hospital of Larissa, a daughter born in 1995, student of Medicine School, University of Ioannina.




Professor of  Physiology-Toxicology





Work experience





2007- Today



Occupation or position held

Professor, Department of Biochemistry-Biotechnology, Animal Physiology- Toxicology

University of Thessaly.



2003 - 2007

Occupation or position held

Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry-Biotechnology,

University of Thessaly.



1997 – 2003

Occupation or position held

Assistant Professor

University of Thessaly.



1995 - 1997

Occupation or position held

Lecturer in University of Thessaly









Occupation or position held



Theagenion Cancer Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece.






Occupation or position held

Post doc


Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA




Scientific distinction







                Education and training

  • Award in 7th multi-conference on "Innovation & Development" for his contribution to the Innovation and Development. The selection was made by the Joint Committee of the German-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and the organizing committee of the congress, 2014.


  • Award of Academic and Scientific Excellence in the field of eco-innovation food by EU , 2013.







PhD in Biochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Thessaloniki, Greece



BSc in Pharmacy, University of Patras, Greece

Research interests

  • Molecular mechanisms of antioxidant activity of plant phenolics.
  • Oxidative stress and exercise.
  • Antioxidant activities of plant extracts
  • Biofunctional foods in exercise



Administrative posts















2013-2015, Chairman of the Regional Council of Innovation, Region of Thessaly (
2013-2014, Associate Rector at the University of Thessaly
2013-2014, Scientific Coordinator of the Liaison Office in UTH (
2012- Today, Scientific Coordinator of the Eatwalk spin-off company, dealing with functional foods (

2015-today, Director of the Graduate Program in Toxicology, University of Thessaly(

2017- today: President of Greek Toxicology Society

2017-2021 : member of SCHEER( European Commission experts group )


Associate Editor  Food and Chemical Toxicology ( Elsevier , IF 3.5, top journal in Biochemical Toxicology)

Associate Editor  Environmental Research ( IF 3.8)

Associate Editor  Toxicology Reports

Academic Editor : Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity ( IF 4.6)

Guest Editor: Food and Chemical Toxicology 2013





Sport Medicine, Molecular Endocrinology, Xenobiotica, Toxicology in Vitro, Chemico Biological Interactions, Toxicology Letters, Food and Chemical Toxicology, European Journal Of Applied Physiology, Chemical research in Toxicology, Mutation Research, Journal Of Physiology, Physiological research, Journal Of Medicinal Food, British Journal Of Pharmacology, Pharmacological Research, Toxicology, Scand. Journ. Of Sport Medicine, British Journal of Sport Medicine, Basic and Clinical Pharmacology Toxicology, Chinese Journal of Physiology, Fitotherapia, Biochemical Pharmacology, Exp. Ther. Medicine.





Funded Research Projects:

  • PENED 2003 ‘Identification and assessment of biological active chemical compounds in Greek wines and respective Greek grape varieties (VITIS VINIFERA)- Investigation of their roles as chemopreventive compounds’ (completed).


  • EYREKA 2006-2008 ‘Exploitation of byproducts from tomato paste industry and processing of fruits through the regain of bioactive compounds of high added value’. Budget: 350000 euros.
  • Biochemical monitoring of athletes of the Greek national team of classic athletics (SEGAS; 55000 euros) (2007-2008).
  • INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION in the context of Thrace’s PEP 2006-2008 ‘Incorporation of bioactive plant extracts in the production and certification of biofunctional milk products of high added value’. Budget 400000 euros.
  • ‘Nutritional value and production of high quality biofunctional milk products by adding plant extracts enriched in antioxidants (budget: 260000 euros) From the grant Innovation poles of GSRT.
  • ‘Development of biofunctional flour by incorporation of plant extracts enriched in bioactive compounds’. In collaboration with the Kaplanides’ Mills company (budget: 70000 euros).
  • ‘Human networks of research and technological education. Human network of education in the field of biofunctional foods’. It was funded by the GSRT with 200000 euros.
  • Production of biofunctional milk products of high quality by adding plant extracts enriched in antioxidants (budget: 50000 euros) in collaboration with the Olympos company.
  • Production of biofunctional foods from extracts of pharmaceutical plants from Kissavos (50.000 euros). Prefecture of Larissa (2009-2011).
  • Study of co-existece of genetic modified with normal plants in Cyprus (150.000 euros). From Cypriot Government after international competition (2009-2012).
  • Contract work for spin-off K-Meditura (105.000 euros for 3 years) (2010-2013).
  • Incorporation of natural antimicrobiotics of plant origin to meat products of high added value in collaboration with ‘Vogiatzoglou meat company’ (30000 euros) (2011-2013).
  • Assessment of the antioxidant activity of grape stem extracts - Incorporation of grape stem extracts to bakery products and assessment of their in vivo antioxidant capacity in collaboration with ‘Kaplanidis Mills’ and ‘Ntougkos Winery’ (80000 euros) (2010-2013).


  • Study of the agro-nutrient identity of foods in collaboration with’ Eat walk Hellas’ company (60000 euros) (2012-2014).
  • Study of oxidative stress biomarkers and metabolic profile in patients (300000 euros) (2012-2018).


  • Effects of a product containing carbohydrates and proteins on oxidative stress biomarkers after administration to athletes (ESPA; 45000 euros) (2011-2014).



  • Assessment of oxidative stress in physiological and pathophysiological conditions using the diagnostic system ORP of Luoxis company (47000 euros) (2013-2015).
  • Study of the chemical composition and toxicity of liquids used in electronic cigarettes (Association of companies of electronic cigarette; 756000 euros) (2012-2018).



  • Study of bioactivity of biofunctional foods from spirulina ( 20000 euros) (2014-2017).


  • Assessment of oxidative stress in i) athletes, ii) septic patients, iii) patients with eating disorders, using the diagnostic tests ORP company Luoxis (budget EUR 45,000) (2014-2016).




  • Study of functional properties of Coffee extracts ( 45.000 Euros). Cooperation with Coffee Island ( 2015-2017)



  • Study of functional properties of olive oil extracts from Mount Athos olive oil ( 50.000 Euros). Cooperation with Tsantali Winery, Greece( 2016-2018)


  • Functional Food Development from grape stems: Cooperation in the frame of the action EREYNO-KAINOTOM0-DIMOURGO of Gsrt , Greece ( 450.000 euros), 2018-2020. SCIENTIFIC LEADER


  • Study of Greek meat quality by a combination of molecular and other techniques: Cooperation in the frame of the action EREYNO-KAINOTOM0-DIMOURGO of Gsrt , Greece ( 850.000 euros), 2018-2020. PARTNER


  • GIS study plus antioxidant proflle of cherries in Grrece , to the development of a tool for high added value of greek products: Cooperation in the frame of the action EREYNO-KAINOTOM0-DIMOURGO of Gsrt , Greece ( 400.000 euros), 2018-2020. SUBCONTRACTOR


  • High added value dairy products from exploitation of olive mills water waste polyphenols: Cooperation in the frame of the action EREYNO-KAINOTOM0-DIMOURGO of Gsrt , Greece ( 450.000 euros), 2018-2020. SUBCONTRACTOR






Trainees in my lab




































Publications in journals

( h index=37, citations 5000  , April 2018 )

PhD students completed:

1.  D. Stagkos (2006)   Study of biological properties of plant polyphenols and extracts from

Greek grape varieties (Vitis Vinifera).

2.  Ch. Spanou (2010)    Study of biological properties of extracts from various plants of

Leguminosae family.

3.  A. Veskoukis (2010)    Effects of allopurinol administration on oxidative stress during


4.  A. El Hamitie (2013)    Regulation of protein kinases by Cdc37 and chaperone proteins.

5.  E. Varamenti (2012)     Assessment of oxidative stress, inflammation and angiogenesis markers.   during an annual period in water polo training.


6.  E. Kerasioti   (2011-2014)    Effects of carbohydrate – protein product administration on markers of oxidative stress, inflammation and hypoxia after exercise in humans.

7. N. Gkoutzourelas (2013-2016)   Study of the antioxidant administration on muscle and endothelial cells, and in vivo by a combination of molecular techniques.

8. K. Gerasopoulos  (2013-2016)  Production of natural extracts and antioxidants nanoencapsulated in powder from olive mill waste waters, and assessment of their bioactivity.




1. S. Makri   (2014)   Assessment of antioxidant capacity of bio-functional animal feed enriched with  winery and oil mill products in broiler chickens and sheep.

2. Y. Spanidis( 2015) Study of a new redox marker ORP ( oxidation reduction potential) in various metabolic conditions.

             3 A. Priftis ( 2015) Study of functional properties of coffee extracts in vitro and in vivo.

4 P.Kouka( 2016). Study of functional properties of  olive oil in vitro and in vivo.




Master students completed in my lab: 64

Undergraduate: 123





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Conferences  ( Invited speaker 2013-today)                                                 




    1)    1st international conference of Greek stevia,  (1-3 March 2013)


    2)    50th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology (7-10 September 2014, Edinburg)


    3)    Innovative olive production systems adapted for mechanical harvesting: Holistic

           approaches for sustainable management (12 November 2014).


    4)    Entrepreneurial Discovery Focus Group on dairy and meat products for Eastern

           Macedonia and Thrace (29-30 January 2015)


    5)   9th Congress of the Turkish Society of Toxicology with the participation of the Hellenic      

           Society of Toxicology ( 21-24 October 2015)


      6)  1st Scientific workshop "Infections and Diabetes" (30 October-1 November 2015)


      7)  29th EFFoST International Conference (10-12 November 2015)


      8)  Business discovery in Western Macedonia: Thematic workshop of the wine sector

           (14 November 2015)


      9)  Food Chemistry days 2015  (26-27 November 2015)     


    10)  55th Annual meeting and ToxExpo (13-17 March 2016)


    11)  Scientific workshop of Hellenic Nutritionists Society (16-17 April 2016)


    12)  Vitafoods Europe 2016 (10 - 12 May 2016, Geneva)


    13)  Symetries / asymétries. Knowledge and Power Inequalities in STS studies (6-10 June 2016, Athens)

14)  Greek Chemical Days 2017: Personal dietary plan based on individual redox status


15) University of Sheyang, China: Detox therapies today, Oct 2017


16) Agrotica Expo Greece,  Febrauary 2017: Combining the geodata with biodata in fruit production